Report of One Day FDP on Fundamental Aspects of ‘Research Methodology in Social Sciences’

As our College has commerce and arts streams. Teachers from our College do research in social sciences. To have the interaction on this topic, the IQAC of our College had taken initiative to organize two days Faculty Development Programme on ‘Fundamental Aspects of Research Methodology in Social Sciences’ on 18/10/2014 from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm. The objective of the program to discuss about the concept of research in social sciences and to explain the various techniques of research methodology in social sciences.

Prof. Dr. R. O. Parmar was a resource person to deliver information about fundamental aspects of research methodology in social sciences. He discussed about branches of social sciences and the area where we can conduct research. In most of the social sciences area qualitative research are conducted. It is very difficult to collect data. So he gave guidance regarding framing of the questionnaire, sources of collection of data, how it will be available etc. Further Dr. Parmar also explained how the analysis and interpretation of data can be done.

Total 09 participants were attended this FDP. Teachers came to know about social science research, how it will be conducted and various research methodology techniques can be used in social sciences. The involvement of our College teachers in interaction on the topic was highly appreciable. Especially this programme was very much useful to new teachers.