Academic Calendar Committee


Our college has separate academic calendar committee. The academic calendar committee plays very significant role to prepare the academic plan for every year. In our college, this committee works under the guidance IQAC and Principal. The Committee collects the plan from each and every Academic and Co- curricular committee. After receiving plan of each and every committee, the academic calendar committee prepares the whole plan for the next academic year.  IQAC in consultation of academic calendar committee monitors and controls the activity which carries throughout the year. Finally the action taken reports comes out.


  • To conduct the meeting of academic calendar committee.

  • To collect proposals and plans of various activities from each Head of academic and co- curricular committee and to make the whole academic calendar of the college for the year.

  • To collect the activities report completed at the end of every academic year

  • To prepare action taken report and to place in front of IQAC for final approval.



Mr. R. T. Thaware


Mr. M. G. Lone


Mr. R. N. Pathan


Dr. A. R. Chavan