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Programme Outcomes:

  • This is one of the traditional programme which our college runs for last 30 years.

  • In this programme learners learn several subjects like accountancy, business economics, commerce,

    business law, advertising, environment studies, maths and stats and foundation course.

  • After completing three years for Bachelors in Commerce (B.Com) programme, students would gain a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of Commerce, Accounting and Finance.

  • It would be able to realize them in which course learner has a scope to do career.

Specific Programme Outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate progressive effective domain development of values, the role of accounting in society and business.

  • Students will learn relevant managerial accounting, cost accounting career skills to their future careers in business.

  • Students will be able to demonstrate progressive learning of various accounting issues related to business.

  • Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge in setting up a computerized set of accounting tools.

  • Students will learn relevant financial accounting career skills, applying both quantitative and qualitative knowledge to their future careers in business.

  • Students will demonstrate progressive effective domain development of values, the role of accounting in society and business.

  • Will gain through systemic and subject skills within various disciplines of commerce, business, accounting, economics, finance, auditing and marketing.

  • Will be able to prove proficiency with the ability to engage in competitive exams like CA, CS, ICWA and other courses.

  • Will also acquire practical skills to work as tax consultant, audit assistant and other financial supporting services.

  • Will acquire the skills like effective communication, decision making, problem solving in day to business affairs.

  • An inclination towards lifelong learning and acquiring contemporary knowledge.

Subjects offered & Course Outcomes:

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Program Outcomes:

  • The B.A. programme is one of the traditional programme which run in our college from last 22 years.

  • This Programme offers Several subjects Marathi, English, Foundation Course, Demography, Geography, History and Economics. In which we have Specialization like Geography, History, and Economics.

  • These subjects provide the fundamental knowledge to the learners.

  • In this subject learner can understand regrading cultural, historical, geographical, socio-economic, linguistic etc. knowledge, and also understand the basic concepts, fundamental principles, and various theories in the above-mentioned subjects.

  • Learner can develop various skills such as reading, listing, speaking, etc. with the help of above subjects.

Subjects offered:

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Program Outcomes:

  • To acquaint a student with conventional as well as contemporary areas in the discipline of Commerce.

  • To enable a student well versed in national as well as international trends.

  • To enable the students for conducting business, accounting and auditing practices, role of regulatory bodies in corporate and financial sectors nature of various financial instruments.

  • To provide in-depth understanding of all core areas specifically Advanced Accounting, International Accounting, Management, Security Market Operations and Business Environment, Research Methodology and Tax planning.

  • To establish value creating networks and linkages with corporate, industries, educational institutes and universities of National and international importance.

  • To leverage the intellectual capital through research activities and creating knowledge integration platforms.

  • To synergize activities and institutes through accounting programs.

  • Pursue excellence and all else shall follow. We aspire to instill the right attitude, values and vision that will prepare the students for lifetime of continued learning and leadership in their chosen careers.

  • This program could provide Industries, Banking Sectors, Insurance Companies, Financing companies, Transport Agencies, warehousing etc., well trained professionals to meet the requirements.

  • After completing Post graduation, students can get skills regarding various aspects like Marketing Manager, Selling Manager, over all Administration abilities of the Company.

  • Capability of the students to make decisions at personal & professional level will increase after completion of this course.

Specific Program Outcomes:

After the completion of the M. Com Course, a student is able:
For pursuing research in their chosen areas.

  • For teaching in Schools and Colleges after qualifying requisite tests.

  • For working as data analyst.

  • To work as investment consultants after a brief internship in suitable organisations

    absorbed in Banking and Insurance sector as executives

  • To be eligible for applying examinations like SET, NET etc.

Subjects offered & Course Outcomes:

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Programme Outcomes:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) Course has been introduced from Academic Year 2011-2012.

  • It has a strong emphasis on developing analytical skill and offers a solid grounding and professional competence in all aspects of commerce required for careers in the business and corporate sectors.

  • The Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) aims to produce graduates who will produce innovative solutions to problems, apply research skills to business challenges and communicate effectively.

  • While the course is primarily theoretical, there is a good blend of projects, case studies and industrial visits to enable a student to get well- versed with the functioning of the Industry.

  • There is also exposure to working in the industry during the Winter Internship Programs which is a compulsory component of the program.

  • The main aim of the Accounting & Finance Department is to offer superior quality, affordable & professional education with view to build graduates with high ethical & leadership qualities.

  • We are fully committed for excellence in Accounting & Finance education.

  • In a competitive environment in general graduates are expected to be competitive with wide range of knowledge, skill & attributes.

  • Therefore, Faculty of Accounting & Finance Department intends to enlighten undergraduates to be in right endeavor by developing their distinct competencies with human values & professionalism which led them to be successful, globally employable & entrepreneurial graduates in the dynamic environment.

  • Faculty of Accounting & Finance Department is fully equipped with a wide range of latest technology tools including Smart class, personality development; presentation etc.

  • The Faculty welcomes you all for joining the faculty for achieving your goals.

Subjects offered & Course Outcomes:

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