National Service Scheme Committee


National Service Scheme (NSS) was introduced in 1969 with the primary objective of developing the personality and character of the student youth through voluntary community service. ‘Education through Service’ is the purpose of the NSS. The ideological orientation of the NSS is inspired by the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. The department of NSS Mumbai University and Ministry of youth affairs arrange NSS program. The main objective and character of the student’s youth through voluntary community service.

The NSS department of our college arranges different activities and program awareness among student to become a good personality toward our nation.



NSS aim at develop the following qualities among the volunteers.

  1. To develop a sense of social and civic responsibility.

  2. To work with and among people.

  3. To create knowledge among volunteers in finding practical solutions of individual problems.

  4. To provide with rich and meaningful educational experience to them in order to make their education complete and meaningful.

  5. To engage in creative and constructive social action.

  6. To develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters.



Program Officer 1

Dr. D. P. Hingmire

Program Officer 2

Mrs .A. R. Kamble


Dr. A. R. Chavan


Mrs. V. D. Tandel