Purchase Committee


A Purchase Committee is a group of designated staff established for independent review and evaluation of purchasing documentation whose main role is to recommend the most appropriate supplier or service provider based on price, quality, stock availability, references etc.
Purchase Committees (PC) should be established and managed by the head of the Institute and they have the ultimate responsibility for the successful outcome of the evaluation process.


  • To supervise all the purchases made in the campus.

  • To analyze quotations provided by the office, and provide recommendation for approval.

  • To ensure all documentation is accurately completed.

  • To ensure that the supplies/services quoted for comply with what was requested

  • Seek clarification from suppliers/service providers where necessary

  • Where the person with authority to approve the Quote Evaluation Form (QEF) has a query on the PC’s recommendation, this should be directed back to the committee stating clearly the nature of the query

  • The PC should also be assigned a role within the supplier pre-preprocessing process

  • In certain contexts, it may be appropriate for some or all members of the PC to be directly involved in the collection of quotations

  • Ensuring proportionality, transparency, accountability and fairness in the procurement process

  • Ensuring all relevant documentation is prepared prior to PC meeting

  • Involvement in the evaluation discussion

  • Ensuring that the Quote Evaluation Form is completed accurately

  • Ensuring all necessary procurement procedures are properly followed including any relevant donor procedures

  • To Ensure the Quality of the equipment



Dr. D. P. Hingmire


Dr. P. R. Karulkar


Mr. A. R. Kamble


Mr. T.N. Ghyar