Department of Lifelong Learning & Extension


The department was established on 12th October, 1978 and had been recognized as Statutory Department of the University of Mumbai since 1994 to promote a meaningful & sustained rapport between the universities & the community.


Our mission is to maintain the voice of helping professional focused on serving college & university students in a mental health setting. Our goals include:

  • Providing a forum & place for the exchange of ideas, innovation, research & students.

  • Increasing the representatives’ voice of those traditionally undeserved & ignored in society.

  • Encouraging interaction, support & networking among all students affairs professionals.

  • Providing an opportunity for mental health professional to become involved in participatory leadership.

  • Identifying suitable mode of counseling.

The Extension Dimension (To Reach to Unreached):

To facilitate the sensitization of the student to the socio-cultural realities, the Department offers for the students, extension work projects encompassing social issues.

DLLE University Organization Structure:

DLLE Director—–Extension Field-Co-ordinator- —Extension Work Teacher—–Extension Students Manager- ——Extension Students



Mr. V. S. Indulkar


Mr. A. K. Gaikwad


Dr. H. K. Jagtap


Miss. Hannat Shaikh


 Mrs. Pooja Gupta


Mrs. V. D. Tandel


Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension, Mumbai University conducts work Experience project for students throughout the academic year. The extension work of students should complete 120 hours, except for Industrial Orientation project where the minimum requirement is 240 hours to get the benefit of 10 grace marks under ordinance 229-A. The Department is undertaken following Extension Work Projects for the academic year 2013-2014:

The Department is offering seven types of Extension Work Projects out of which a student can take up any one Project for entitlement of the benefit of 10 Grace Marks under Ordinance 229-A.

  1. Vocational Career Oriented Projects:

Through this unit a range of Extension Work Projects are offered for enhancing the employability and IT Skills of the student. The projects are given below:

  • Annapoorna Yojna Project/ Entrepreneurship Skills Development Education(ESDE)

  • Career Project/Career Skill Development Education (CSDE)

  • Industry Orientation Project/ Industry Orientation Skill Development Education(IOSDE)

  • Information Communication Technology/Skill Development Education(ACT-SDE)

  1. Community Oriented Projects:

    • Population Education Club/ Population Education Programme (PEP)

    • Status of Women in Society/Women Empowerment Education Programme(WEEP)

    • National Institute of Open Schooling/Learning Skills Development Education (LSDE)