FDP on “Preparation of documentation for NAAC”

As per new methodology of NAAC accreditation, Preparation of documentation of NAAC is complex. Our college is going to face NAAC in this academic year. So to know about the preparation of NAAC Documentation, we had organized 3 days FDP on “Preparation of NAAC Documentation” from 5th July, 2019 to 7th July, 2019. The objectives of this programme was to know the new process of NAAC and to understand the documentation work to be prepare for NAAC.
Prof. Dr. Nirmala Padmavat (IQAC Coordinator, Nutan Mahavidyala, Selu ) was present as a resource person. Firstly, she explained the new format of SSR. She provided criteria wise detailed information about documentation which is necessary for each and every metric. Madam also guided us regarding DVV preparation.
Overall this programme was very useful to all present staff members. Total 21 staff members were present. Each participant has clarified doubts regarding their respective criteria. All teachers had satisfied with their doubts. Feedback from participants was collected. The confidence amongst teachers regarding NAAC work was raised.