Women Development Cell


The Women Development Cell is formed to create awareness among the girls and the women staff, apart from maintaining congenial working environment for all the women employees and students.


  1. To foster and support the professional and personal development of women (student as well as faculty)

  2. To create an atmosphere wherby the female students and staff can study / work freely.

  3. To create awareness among female students and employees on myriad issues concerning women like health issues, legal rights, etc.

  4. To create awareness regarding institutional code of conduct.

Members of Women Development Cell:

  1. K.A.Shama – Chairman

  2. (Mrs.) A.R.Kamble – Member

  3. M.V.Gharat – Member

  4. T.T.Gharat – Member

  5. Resmi Sukumaran – Member

  6. R.K.Mazgaonkar – Member

  7. S.U.Dharasurkar – Member