FDP on “Preparation of documentation for NAAC” [Date: 5th July, 2019 to 7th July, 2019]:

As per new methodology of NAAC accreditation, Preparation of documentation of NAAC is complex. Our college is going to face NAAC in this academic year. So to know about the preparation of NAAC Documentation, we had organized 3 days FDP on “Preparation of NAAC Documentation” from 5th July, 2019 to 7th July, 2019. The objectives of this programme was to know the new process of NAAC and to understand the documentation work to be prepare for NAAC.
Prof. Dr. Nirmala Padmavat (IQAC Coordinator, Nutan Mahavidyala, Selu ) was present as a resource person. Firstly, she explained the new format of SSR. She provided criteria wise detailed information about documentation which is necessary for each and every metric. Madam also guided us regarding DVV preparation.
Overall this programme was very useful to all present staff members. Total 21 staff members were present. Each participant has clarified doubts regarding their respective criteria. All teachers had satisfied with their doubts. Feedback from participants was collected. The confidence amongst teachers regarding NAAC work was raised.

One Day Faculty Development Programme On “Stress Management” [09 September 2018]:

Day to day our life is very busy. Employee in the organization remains busy to handle various works. To handle the work efficiently and smoothly, employee need certain exercise. College teaching community and administrative staff are also not exceptions to this. So IQAC of our college has taken initiative to organize one day programme on “Stress Management.”

It was the one-day programme organized by out college. Mrs. Poonam Chauhan-a Yoga Trainer from Uran was a resource person to provide information about Stress, its causes and effects on our health. She also guided our staff regarding to control on stress by doing small but regular exercise at home. She has shown some breathing exercises and techniques though which we can get soon relief from stress.

Total 15 staff present for the said programme. The purpose of the program was achieved up to certain extent. Staff learned that, how to overcome mental and physical stress while doing day to day work. Teachers and administrative staff, both are benefited and found out certain enthusiasm in handling work.

Two Days Faculty Development Programme On “Excel Data Handling” [16th & 17th June 2018]:

This was IQAC initiative to organized Faculty Development Program our staff to provide basic information about Excel Data Handling.

This program was organized two days Mrs. Reshma P. Mhatre was a resource person to provide information about Excel Data Handling she covered the topics like table creation, table formatting, filters, Pivot chart, data analysis using pivot table. Total 19 participants were participated in FDP. The purpose of the program was achieved. As per new format of NAAC there is filling up of excel data DVV template. This program was beneficial to staff for NAAC work.

Report of One Day FDP on ‘Soft Skill Training for Employees’ [Date : 01/05/2017]:

Today education is considered as services sector. Both employer and employee facing lot of challenges to survive in this education sectors. Parents, Teachers, Students, Alumni, Employers all are the stakeholders in this industry. Effective communication will not be possible if there is no soft skill. So IQAC of our College took initiative to organize one day faculty development programme on ‘Soft Skill Training for Employees’.

This FDP was organized on 01/05/2017. One day programme was inaugurated by our Hon’ble Principal K. A. Shama. Mr. Sanjeevan Mhatre was a resource person. He explained the concept of soft skill. He told about the importance of soft skill in effective communication. Mr. Sanjeevan Mhatre focused on how to use soft skill in education sector when there is an interaction amongst students-teachers-administrative staff-parents. Hon’ble Principal Mr. K. A. Shama addressed to all teachers. Associate Prof. V.S. Indulkar has welcome and introduced the guest.   Dr. P. R. Karulkar-IQAC Corodinator presented vote of thanks.

Our College had first time organized programme on the subject of soft skill. Total 15 participants (teaching and administrative staff) were attended this FDP. Teachers as well as administrative staff participated in the discussions. All were motivated by the speech of Mr. Sanjeevan Mhatre. All the participants were realized the importance of soft skill in handling the students of next generation.

Report of FDP on ‘Skills of Writing Research Paper’ [Date : 1/05/2016 & 02/05/2016]:

Research is very important aspect in higher education field. To do the quality of research work is a challenging task. It needs proper knowledge and proper understanding of research methodology. Hence, it was the IQAC initiative to organized two days faculty development programme on ‘Skills of Writing Research Paper’ for our College staff on 01/05/2016 and 02/05/2016.

It was very good initiative taken by our IQAC of our College. Research is very important academic activity in higher education. Prof. Dr. S. B. Ohal was a resource person. He explained the concept of research, types of research. He gave the tricks regarding finding the literature review. He focused also on research language to be used while writing research paper. Finally he touched with the style of writing research paper. I/c Principal Mr. K. A. Shama introduced and welcomed the guest. Associate professor Mr. V. A. Indulkar concluded the valedictory session by vote of thanks.

This programme was beneficial to all our teaching staff. Teacher understood the concept of research, research and its types, the way of conducting writing literature review. Teacher got the knowledge regarding language and style of writing research language. Total 09 participants were present for the said programme. They had been self-motivated to write the research paper in a qualitative manner.

Report of One Day FDP on Fundamental Aspects of Research Methodology in Social Sciences [Date : 18.10.2014]:

As our College has commerce and arts streams. Teachers from our College do research in social sciences. To have the interaction on this topic, the IQAC of our College had taken initiative to organize two days Faculty Development Programme on ‘Fundamental Aspects of Research Methodology in Social Sciences’ on 18/10/2014 from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm. The objective of the program to discuss about the concept of research in social sciences and to explain the various techniques of research methodology in social sciences.

Prof. Dr. R. O. Parmar was a resource person to deliver information about fundamental aspects of research methodology in social sciences. He discussed about branches of social sciences and the area where we can conduct research. In most of the social sciences area qualitative research are conducted. It is very difficult to collect data. So he gave guidance regarding framing of the questionnaire, sources of collection of data, how it will be available etc. Further Dr. Parmar also explained how the analysis and interpretation of data can be done.

Total 09 participants were attended this FDP. Teachers came to know about social science research, how it will be conducted and various research methodology techniques can be used in social sciences. The involvement of our College teachers in interaction on the topic was highly appreciable. Especially this programme was very much useful to new teachers.

One-day diet guidance workshop for girls [Date: 15/02/2014]:

This workshop was organised by the Women Development Cell of our college for creating awareness among the female students and staff regarding the most valuable asset of well-being, i.e. their health. The guest lecturer for this workshop was Dr.(Mrs.)Manisha Kaiyande (Asst. Prof. in Zoology, M.D. College, Parel) who interacted with the female audience on their health issues putting a deep stress on the role of haemoglobin and the way haemoglobin level can be maintained at normal level so as to ensure proper health.

The Haemoglobin level of the females participating in the workshop was measured a day prior to the workshop and its results were declared by Dr. Kaiyande herself at the time of interaction with the females. This made the workshop even more interactive and interesting.

One-day district level seminar on Human Rights [Date: 30/09/2013]:

The main objective of the seminar was to create an awareness regarding the Fundamental Human Rights among the seminar participants which mainly comprised of students and teachers of colleges in and around Raigad District. The seminar was divided into three parts/sessions. They were:

  • Session I: Inaugural Session [Keynote address]

  • Session II: Introduction to Human Rights

  • Session III: Rights of Students and Women

  • Session IV: Valedictory Session

One-day workshop on Research Methodology [Date: 10/07/2013]:

This workshop was arranged by the Avishkar Research Cell with an objective to train students on the basic aspects of research design and the statistical tools to apply for the analysis of the data. The guest lecturer for the workshop was Dr. Ajay Saraf, Subject Head, Mathematics and Statistics, MT-UVA.

The workshop witnessed a highly interactive session which helped the students to gain an insight into the world of research, mainly data analysis. This also helped our students to prepare for the Avishkar Research Convention where we witnessed increased participation and success!